Rachel, Kid Galax, Akis Baroutas, Influenza, Babis Batmanidis, Melodistes

Open Stage 2

Open Stage 2

The 'Open Stage' returns for the second time this summer at the Moni Lazariston Festival and offers another four days full of music. For once more, the goal is to introduce the Thessaloniki audience with local upcoming artists, by organizing unique concerts dedicated to Greek and international rock music, as well as traditional Greek music.


Tuesday 21st August


After her long and successful cooperation with 'Emigre' and 'Peakaboo', Rachel and her friends present a musical program with a combination of Greek and international melodies.

Kid Galax

Kid Galax was influenced as an artist by the neo-romanticism of the 80's and later found his inspiration in the emotional breakouts of the 90's grunge and the melodramatic sound of the 00's Scandinavian indie-pop. The diversity of his background can be distinguished in his debut album, "Lullabites".

Wednesday 22nd August

Akis Baroutas

Akis Baroutas comes back to the Open Stage with a very special concert. He and his renewed band will present a mixture of his own creations, as well as popular music of the Greek scene.


The upcoming band Influenza participates in the Open Stage for the first time. Being inspired by Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker and The Stooges, they will present a compilation of blues, funk and rock n' roll music.

Thursday 23rd August

Babis Batmanidis

Cult aesthetics and Greek music, along with a generous dose of humor are the ingredients of Babis Batmanidis’ concerts, which revive a music wave of the 90's.

Friday 24th August


The Melodistes ensemble participates in the Open Stage for the third year and they will present an 'anthology' of all their past tributes (Manos Hatzidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Stavros Xarhakos etc.), as well as creations of their own band members.