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interpreter of Edith Piaf
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Bibi Ferreira , pseudonym Abigail Ferreira Izquierdo , is an actress , singer , director and composer Brazilian . He made his theatrical debut at 24 days of life, the play Morning Sun, authored by Oduvaldo Vianna, replacing a doll that disappeared just before the start of the show. Soon after the parents separated and Bibi went to live with her mother, who was working at Company Velasco, a theater company of the Spanish magazine. His first language until four years was Spanish. The Portuguese language and the great love of opera she would learn from her father.
Back in Brazil , became the most celebrated child actress of Rio de Janeiro . He joined the Corps de Ballet of the Teatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro , where he remained for a long time, until debuting in the company of his father. At nine years was denied enrollment in Sion College in Orange, being the daughter of a theater actor . He completed his secondary education at the School Anglo Americano .
His professional debut on stage was in 1941 when he played " Mirandolina " in the play La locandiera . In 1944, he set up his own theater company , bringing together some of the most important names of the Brazilian theater as Cacilda Becker , Maria Della Costa and director Henriette Morineau . A little later , went to Portugal , where he directed plays for four years , with great sucesso.Na 1960s, came the success of musicals such as My Dear Lady ( My Fair Lady ) , starring Bibi and Paulo Autran . At that time he also worked in musical theater and television . In 1960 , began the presentation on TV Excelsior Sao Paulo , Brazil for 60 ( 61 , 62 , 63 , etc. , according to the year ) , a live program , which for two years has led to the biggest names in television drama . Bibi Ferreira participated , acting or directing some of the great musical theater and assembled in Brazil . In 1970 , he headed Brazilian Profession : Hope , Paul Bridges ( was one of the versions of this show which first directed the singer Maria Bethania , in the other version directed Clara Nunes ), in 1972 , starred in Man of La Mancha next by Paulo Autran , translated by Paul Bridges and Flavio Rangel , beyond versions Chico Buarque and Ruy Guerra for the songs , in 1975 , participated in Water Drop , Chico Buarque and Paulo Pontes , in 1976 , directed Walmor Wounds Marilia Pera , Marco Nanini and 50 artists in God Him Pay of Joracy Camargo . In the 1980s , he directed business text to sophisticated pieces of drama , musicals large to intimate dramas . In 1980 , he directed Hot Towels , Marc Camoletti , in 1981 , A Ruby in the Navel of Gullar and Slander , Lillian Hellman . In the same year , with its production and direction , premiered Best of Sins of Sergio Viotti , promoting the return to the stage of Dulcina de Moraes , after twenty years of absence. In 1983 returned to the stage with Piaf , the Life of a Star Song , show great success of public and critics . For his performance received the awards Mambembe and Moliere , in 1984 and the following year , the Association of Theatrical Shows the State of Sao Paulo ( APETESP ) and Governor of the State . The show , which made many trips remained six years in theaters and , in four years , reached a million viewers , including a stint in Portugal with Portuguese actors in the cast .
He also directed numerous television programs and concerts of Brazilian popular music artists such as Maria Bethania and Clara Nunes in the 70s and 80s. In the 90s , Bibi Ferreira revived his greatest hits , dating Brazilian Profession : Hope and doing a show in which she sang songs and told stories of Piaf . In Bibi in Concert , celebrated 50 years of career , and after years of season , did Bibi in Concert 2 . In 1996 was awarded the Sharp Theater . Staged Roque Santeiro Dias Gomes in the musical version . In 1999 , he directed the first time an opera Carmen by Georges Bizet .
In the 90s she completed 50 years of artistic career with Bibi in Concert show . In 2009 , in honor of the Year of France in Brazil , she returned to the Maison de France to revive the musical Bibi sings and tells Piaf , playing age 87 and Piaf La Marseillaise .