Joyce Cândido

Joyce Cândido


de Noel Rosa
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She was discovered by Chico Buarque when he heard her sing the song "Feitio de oracao" by Noel Rosa and loved it. Joyce Candido is the new generation of samba.

The career of the singer originally from São Paulo state, is riche and diverse.

As a child, she started taking piano lessons at Carlos Gomes Conservatory, in Marilia, São Paulo. Later, she graduated in Music from the State University of Londrina, in Paraná.

Her debut in the music industry happened in 2006, with the cd “Panapaná”, produced by João Vidotti.

In 2008, she moved to New York City where the singer could take singing, dancing and drama lessons in Broadway Dance Center. Two years later she received an award for the best Brazilian singer in the USA, from the "Brazilian International Press Awards", along with artists like Marcos Valle.

Back to Brazil, in 2011 and in Rio de Janeiro, Joyce was invited by Biscoito Fino Label to release her second album. The CD “O Bom e Velho Samba Novo” (Old fashion new samba),
produced by Alceu Maia, musician and producer of several artists such as Diogo Nogueira and Beth Carvalho. “ Joyce is not just a samba singer. She has a vast musical background. It has been years since I haven't seen a singer like that” states Alceu.

In 2013, the album became a live version DVD and CD released by Warner Music and directed by Bibi Ferreira, the greatest Brazilian theater artist “ It is such a pleasure to work with someone who knows what she is doing, is professional and hardworking. She is a great singer, a beautiful person and she has come to stay” celebrated Bibi. The DVD had special participations of Elza Soares, João Bosco, Toninho Geraes and the dancer Carlinhos de Jesus. In 2015, released the EP "O que sinto" (title of one song written by her and Roberto Pontes) also by Warner Music.

With her elegant samba style, Joyce has being performing in many countries around the world, such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, England, Germany, Tchec Republic, Hungary and Holland. She represented Brazil in events like Womex Hungary 2015 and Spain 2016, MIDEM 2014, in Cannes, France, and at Casa da Música Portugal, for the " Centennial of Samba".
She is also invited by many great artists to perform with like Milton Nascimento, Bibi Ferreira, Toquinho, Pe. Fabio de Melo, and Jorge Aragão in his DVD "Sambabook Aragão".

Joyce had being performing in the most popular TV shows in Brazil like "Programa do Jô" and "Domingão do Faustão" releasing her new single "Vida que vai", in January 2017.

She is considered one of the most exciting voices of the new generation in Brazil.