Paulinho da Viola

Paulinho da Viola is one of the greatest representatives of samba. As a result of a fusions and collaborations, his work stems from the interaction of two opposing cultural phenomena or Rio de Janeiro: the sophistication of the middle class and the vibration of suburbs.

Having a musician, Cesar Faria, as his father, Paulinho da Viola was raised in an environment where playing and listening to music was as natural as breathing. During his childhood in Botafogo, a traditional neighborhood of the southern area of Rio de Janeiro where he was born on November 12th, 1942, Paulinho was constantly in touch with music through his father, a guitarist, member of the “Época de Ouro” (Gold Times) ensemble. In the family rehearsals of the ensemble, Paulinho used to meet Jacob do Bandolim and Pixinguinha, among many other musicians that would gather to compose choro and eventually sing old and new waltzes and sambas.

Paulinho da Viola is a musician who stands for a particular realm in Brazilian culture. Experiencing his music is to realize the presence of a new dimension, to feel identified with it and becoming aware of the fact that Brazilian cultural identity is never homogeneous: there is always something special in each of its expressions.


Paulinho da Viola


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