Zezé Motta


When the singer Zezé Motta recorded “Sra. Liberdade”, André Midani, president of Warner Bros, recorder of which she was hired, came to the conclusion that the samba fit her voice. Zezé agrees, although he did not want to be labeled a samba musician, because he dreamed of recording compositions by Milton Nascimento, Djavan, Caetano, Gil, among many other artists who did not only make up samba.
By irony of fate, when he presented himself in Hannover, in Germany, at the opening of the Industrial Fair, at the Manesman, they were asked to include more sambas in the repertoire. . Guilherme Araújo, his manager at the time, agreed in 24 hours on another show ready with many sambas. The success was so great that she was then invited by Itamaraty to make a closing presentation of an event, in the stand of Brazil.
In 2006, he returned to the subject and talk to his current manager, Marcus Montenegro, who soon embraced the idea and took to Christiano Moreno, composer and producer, and in a climate of great excitement, they set up a feijoada In theatre Rival, for 200 composers with the intention of gathering musical geniuses.
They were present Sergio Procópio, Nelson Sargento, Darci Maravilha, Serginho Meriti, Marquinhos PQD and so many other samba geniuses. Those who could not attend sent their compositions later, Arlindo Cruz, Lourenço, Zé Renato, etc. 200 songs were recorded during the event. Today, a decade later, the dream came true, under the regency of the Master Celso Santana, production Karina Alaor, Co production of Christiano Moreno and realization Coqueiro Verde and Montenegro and Raman.

Zezé Motta is an actress and singer. Owner of a Brazilian smile and a brilliant career in theater, film and Brazilian television for 40 years. His musical career is recorded on four albums and four CDs: GERSON CONRAD E ZEZE MOTTA, ZEZE MOTTA, NEGRITUDE, DENGO, FRAGIL FORÇA, QUARTETO NEGRO, CHAVE DOS SEGREDOS, DIVINA SAUDADE.
Performed hit songs from Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Rita Lee, Moraes Moreira, Luiz Melodia and other famous authors of Brazilian popular music. Acclaimed by the general public for its exciting interpretation of music “Senhora Liberdade”,

Zezé resumes his musical work by embracing one of our most original styles, the SAMBA. "Today, my voice is mature and I feel ready professionally for this new challenge, which I will sing and I will enchant the Brazilian and international public with great success!"
- Says Zezé. O SAMBA MANDOU ME CHAMAR brings an excellent list of composers like Arlindo Cruz, Serginho Meriti and others. Zezé Motta intends, after the recording of this new CD, to start a magnificent tour around all the capitals.