Agnes Palmisano

Dudler, Chanson, Cabaret-Songs.
Agnes Palmisano can not be fit into readymade schemes. She was born in Vienna, grew up in Lower Austria and Moscow. After her education to become a teacher at a special school, she started her singing studies at the University of Music in Vienna. During her studies at university, she discovered the Wiener Dudler. This mixture of Jodler and coloratura was highly popular in the Viennese Salons between 1850 and 1920. With her fresh approach she even called the attention of the stars in the Viennese music scene to herself (Roland Neuwirth/ Gerhard Bronner/ Trude Mally etc.) and drew lessons from musical cooperations with them.
Like no other she’s able to change between the different genres, once her
voice is sounding classical, another time it has the blues, in swindling heights and louring depths, mellow or earthly- hot on the trail of the Viennese sound.

Agnes Palmisano: Vocals
Peter Havlicek: Contraguitar
Roland Sulzer: Accordion



Agnes Palmisano


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