Zur Wachauerin

The trio Zur Wachauerin consisting of Michael Bruckner and Fabian Pollack (both guitar) as well as of the word creator and donator Wolfgang Kühn is paying tribut to the common table ware. The band describes its music as Wachauer Landler with bite. The jazzzeit describes them as very lively, loving musical homepage on the Wachau, and: The secret lies in the interchange of vowels and a dedicated interpretation reminding of bohemian language. Ironic and partly rhythmic texts concerning countryside phenomena, village gossip, menus and the listing of 40 variations for overindulgence of alcohol and 26 preliminary studies of this topic. Musically the trio has grabbed several folk songs from the famous Wachau composer, Prof. Ernst Schandl, and presents them in a modern light without disregarding the traditional character. Sparse accompaniment give strength to the contents, declarations of love such as you are the grease drop in my soup, you are the clothespin on the line are presented by Wolfgang Kühn with Wachau-typical austerity and cool objectiveness. The audience won’t be able to refrain from laughing. (Manfred Horak)

Wolfgang Kühn: Voice
Michael Bruckner: Guitar
Fabian Pollack: Guitar



Zur Wachauerin


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