SLOPPY JOE (world wide)

SLOPPY JOE (world wide)
  • country:Portugal
  • style(s):Dub, Reggae
  • label:Mundo de Aventuras
  • artist submitted by:Mundo de Aventuras



The next big thing in Portugal and, why not?, all over
the world!!!
There's no label comprehensive enough that could
describe what this band is all about.
They started as a ska band but immediately evolved
into a more open circle of influentions.
Their music is pop but popular; uncompromised but
promising; racefull but multiracial; universal with
various verses; mediterranean but from finisterra.
Their live performances once described as
gipsy-wedding-party-taking-place-in-a-circus-show are
now more mature and close to a sound system
formated as an orchestra.