Juan Antonio Vázquez


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  • Mundofonías


On the airwaves since 1987. Director and conductor of "Mundofonías" world music radio show, “one of the world music radio programs with wider global reach” (World Music Central) and “one of the best programs of music from all over the world” (Gerald Seligman) broadcasted currently on more than 40 stations in 16 countries, including some of the world major urban areas: City of Mexico, Madrid, Berlin, Hamburg, Lima, La Paz, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Montevideo... Mundofonías has received the "Comunicando al Son" award 2016.

Juan Antonio also hosts "En concierto" and "El Palabrero" shows on Radio 5 and the world music show "Mil mundos" on Radio Clásica, all of them Radio Nacional de España. He's also written for some of the most important Spanish music magazines in the last decades: Popular 1, World Music, Ritmos del Mundo, Batonga!, Rock Sound, Tierra, Interfolk, AudioClásica, Música Global...

Founder member and co-administrator of the Transglobal World Music Chart (www.transglobalwmc.com), a global network of world music critics.

Compiler of "The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Folk", by ARC Music. He's the author of the lexicographic work "Pequeña guía de los instrumentos musicales del mundo" (Little guide of the musical instruments of the world), published by Fundéu (a foundation under the auspices of the Real Academia Española -Royal Spanish Academy-). Member of the jury for the Folk Spot Denmark 2016 and Premio Andrea Parodi 2016 (Sardinia).

He's also envolved, with Araceli Tzigane, in Mapamundi Música agency.

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