World Music Label with 21 chilean bands. We produce Concert series and the World Music Festival of Santiago-Chile now on it´s XVI edition.

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Since 1993 we´ve been working on producing and releasing new music made by composers and authors who value both the power of music tradition and experimantation through electronics, different ensembles and innovations on shows. We produce concert series and Festivals main of them is the "Las Condes World Music Festival" now on it´s XVI edition. We can set up a whole tour for international bands wanting to play in Chile since we are also Booking agency for our artists and others. We have our own radio program on one of the main radios in Chile ADN f.m. present in the whole country 5.000 kms range from the north in the Atacama dessert (frontier with Peru) all the way down to Patagonia in Punta Arenas. WE ARE LOOKING TO EXCHANGE with artists, booking agencies, labels and festivals that would like to come to Chile and bring our artists to your territorie. SEE YOU AT WOMEX!