Agricantus (official) Live17
Agricantus (official) Live17
Agricantus (official) Live17
Agricantus (official) Live17
Agricantus (official) Live17
Agricantus (official) Live17
Agricantus (official) Live17

Agricantus, one of Italian world beat historical bands, is back on the road again. With their new line-up, the band is better than ever. I went to one of their concerts recently, and all is there: the energy, the alchemy between the performers and with the audience, and a more acoustic sound. In fact, the music swings like crazy. Catch them now and spread the word!

I have been listening to music for more than 40 years, from traditional music to jazz, from progressive rock to electronica. And I've seen many great concerts, both of big names and smaller ones.

In the middle of the nineties, during a trip to Rome, I remember buying a compilation CD of Italian music. One of the tracks was from the multi-award album Tuareg by Agricantus. I found the combination of sounds, voices, instruments amazing. This band was able to transport the listener to unknown territories. Hailing from Palermo, Sicily, they had traveled to the desert and immersed themselves in the local culture. Then, they recorded some material with Tuareg musicians. This happened long time before a trip to Mali became a fashion among world and roots music artists.

At this stage, I wanted to see the band live. I traveled to Matera where they had a concert. Unfortunately, the gig was canceled at the last minute. I was quite disappointed!

Years later, I finally had the opportunity to see them in Sicily. It was an intimate concert (300 people) held on a wine farm. I was very impressed by the virtuosity of the musicians and the good energy that was emanating from the stage. The mix between melodic songs, kicking tunes and techno-ambient atmospheres was terrific. It was really lovely and, like me, the audience remained enthusiastic.

In 2012, I got to know personally one of the founders of the band, Mario Crispi. He told me that the band was looking for a new energy. They were not out of steam however, and were working on a new album. Turnari (CNI) was released in 2014. There are some really good tracks on the album and the band demonstrated they had still something to say. Despite I loved the album, which is a collection of songs in Sicilian language, I thought it was lacking some emotional warmth.

Then, it happened to me that Mario called me this summer (2017), and invited me to come and see their new live performance 'Akoustikos'. The concert was taking place not that far from my home in Sicily, which made it easier to attend their show. What a wonderful surprise!

With an amazing Anita Vitale on lead vocal and piano, and with Enzo Rao on violin, the band is really at a new top. Both the more acoustic sound and the new arrangements are making the music really swing. A very nice surprise and a wonderful evening indeed!

Agricantus are: Mario Crispi (archaic wind instruments, vocals, effects), Mario Rivera (bass, vocals), Giovanni Lo Cascio (drums), Anita Vitale (lead vocal, piano, effects), Enzo Rao (violin).
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article submitted by:Eric van Monckhoven, Music4You