OMFO & Band

Ethnic wisdom and electronics as a true 21st century folklore

OMFO & Band Womex 2010 showcase


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  • event type:Concert
  • date:30 Oct 2010
  • time:21:00 sharp!!
  • city/area:Copenhagen
  • venue:Konserthuset
  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):Balkan, Electronic
  • event submitted by:Music Centre The Netherlands


Two tracks from his legendary “Trans Balkan Express” album were selected for to the sound track of the much discussed Borat movie. OMFO is a bandit in time and space, transforming ancient melodies into music for cosmonauts and spaceships. Originating from Odessa (Our Man from Odessa) he relocated in Amsterdam where he was at the forefront of Electronica producers merging sounds from East and West. O.M.F.O. travels from the West to the East, from Amsterdam via Berlin to the hinterlands of the EU, the Carpates, the Black Sea right into the front garden of Asia. In his music folk meets Kraftwerk - bizarre instruments and electronic sounds combine to create a whole new musical dimension. With his ideas and his musicians he bravely goes where no human ear has dared to go before. Futurism meets folklore imaginaire or should we better call it Village Disco or Space Folklore.“You’re unlikely to hear anything quite like this anywhere else.”