Ruslan Trochynskyi

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  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014
  • WOMEX 2008

SVJATA VATRA (holy fire) is an Estonian-Ukrainian “power folk rock” band – a simmering pot of roots, folk, world and ethno with its flaming and vigorous performances – founded in 2005.

Ruslan Trochynskyi - an Ukrainian musician who for the past ten years has been living and making music in Estonia. Ruslan is a charismatic singer, trombone player and a contact person between different cultures, who's been in contact with ukrainian traditional music from very early age. He later obtained his education in classical trombone in Ukrainian National Academy of Music in Kiev. A new awakening for folk music took place by the establishing of the renowned Ukrainian folk-rock band Haydamakyi. Concerts with Haydamakyi also brought Ruslan to Estonia for the first time. After moving to Estonia, Ruslan together with estonian folk musicians created a new contemporary folk-rock band called Svjata Vatra, which by now has given concerts in 14 european countries. Additionally, Ruslan gives educational concerts, explaining the similarities and differences of estonian ad ukrainian culture. Ruslan has organised several events and concerts to support peace in free and democratic Ukraine.

Svjata Vatra - Estonian-Ukrainian folk-rock band! The Estonian and Ukrainian members of the band, inspired by the two nations’ folk music, play a unique mixture of folk and punk/rock, backed up by sparkling rhythm: this really can be called „fire-folk”, as the band defines their style. Svjata Vatra has played in many countries of Europe, their songs sound familiar in different regions. Very often a special mental and emotional connection is held between band and audience throughout the whole concert. This is a manifestation of common origin and geographically and culturally determined similarities. These are always much stronger than differences.

Ruslan Trochynskyi

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