Fanfara Station

Line up

  • Charles Ferris (trumpet, trombone, loops)
  • Ghiaccioli & Branzini (electronics and programming)
  • Marzouk Mejri (voice percussion Tunisian winds, loops)


Fanfara Station is a trio that brings the power of a brass band and electronics to North African vocals and percussion.
Inspired by Marzouk’s memories of his father’s brass band, Fanfara Station celebrates the epic feats of the Mediterranean’s migrants, the musical cultures of the African diaspora and the flows that have long connected the Middle East, the Maghreb, Southern Europe and the Americas.

Fanfara Station is a celebration with a Balkan brass band, an entire North African rhythm section and contemporary electro Dance beats.

It’s a dance party created live by only three musicians thanks to the use of loop stations for live over-dubbing.

The stage is filled with instruments: percussion: scascika, tar, bendir, darbuka and tabla next to the trumpet, trombone, clarinet and three Tunisian woodwinds: the nay, mizued and zocra. Then there are dozens of wires connecting loop stations, controllers and an array of effects pedals. A myriad of acoustic and electric sounds dialogue and sustain the voice of singer and songwriter Marzouk Mejri.

The brass of Fanfara Station brings folk blues and Balkan accents into an electro-acoustic North African universe represented by layers of percussion instruments, woodwinds and singing. Modern folk sensibilities are threaded into a contemporary electronic dance fabric.