• country:Sweden
  • style(s):East European, Alternative
  • label:Swing Kids
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Musikcentrum Sweden

Line up

  • Daniel Wejdin (tambura)
  • David Fraenckel (trombone)
  • Johan Dahlkvist (accordion)
  • Jonas Lundberg (guitar)
  • Loke Nyberg (violin)
  • Martin Nurmi  (saxophone)
  • Per Svenner (percussion)
  • Rasmus Blanck (double bass)


Raefven comes from Gothenburg, Sweden, and started as a street performance band in the summer of 2003. Either on stage or in the streets they capture their audience with their intense music and a sense of presence that demands you to stop and dance, laugh, sweat, shout and sing together with them. Their repertoire consists mainly of klezmer and folk music from Eastern Europe and Sweden, combined with their own material. Raefven don't want to belong to any specific type of music; they will play anything as long as they find the core full of joy, melancholy, bittersweetness and life.

During the last four years they've been delivering their energy from stage, resulting in dance floors collapsing and full festival crowds following them into rivers after concerts. Travelling on in the early morning light, Raefven leaves behind their longing and joy to the people fortunate enough to have happened upon them.

* * * * *
Raefven is part of the NEW SWEDEN delegation and is to be found at stand E:09,10 2011.