Murat Yucel



Murat Yucel was born in 1974 in Mugla, south-west of Turkey where he completed his primary and secondary school education. He moved to Izmir in 1988, where he studied college and university and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ege University. In his university years, he started his first band and performed professionally at venues and festivals and he opened a live music venue in a summer holiday town where he produced jam sessions with international musicians every summer for 5 years. He also founded and produced the first 3 years of the Caretta Caretta International Music and Arts Festival in Dalyan, Turkey.
Late 1998 he moved to Melbourne and he started living there 6 months of the year. He formed his first Turkish/ Australian band “GECE” and recorded and EP at SBS Studios in Melbourne. From this point onwards many bands, festivals, concerts, tours, albums followed…


Musiktrafik Pty Ltd specialised in producing world music and cultural events as well as festivals, concerts, local & international tours, albums production and management. Below are some examples of works in Musiktrafik Pty Ltd.
Dereb The Ambassador tour of Japan, 2017
Transcontinental Vibrations 2016- Current (events at The Night Cat, Memo Music Hall, The Corner Hotel)
Baba Zula, Mercan Dede, Ross Daly and Vila Navio tours in Australia 2016,
Bohemia 2016, World Music Mini Festival in Melbourne
Smadj Solotronic tour of Australia 2015,
Bashka tourTurkey 2014, DFAT & Australian Embassy “Year of Turkey” Transglobal Express @ Sydney Music Myer Bowl (Australia Day event production with State Gov and MAV)
New York Gypsy All Stars (USA) and Dj Delay (UK) tour of Australia 2013 Bottomend Empire “Habitat” album production Baro Banda (Turkey) and Dj Click (France) tour of Australia 2012 Mercan Dede (Canada/Turkey) tour of Australia 2011 Unified Gecko “9 is the new 4” album 2011 Harem’de (Turkey) and Gipsy.CZ (Czech Republic) tour of Australia 2011 Baro Banda tour of Turkey and Europe 2010 Baro Banda “ElekTRoman” album 2010 Lagina International Music Festival, Turkey 2010 Besh o droM (Hungary) tour of Australia 2010 Unified Gecko our of Europe 2009
Mercan Dede The Forum concert 2008

Karavan International Gypsy Music Festival started in Melbourne in 2009 and was produced in 3 major cities in Australia from 2011 onwards.

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  • WOMEX 2017