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Muzikum Klub

Múzeum Utca 7.
1088 Budapest

New Venue opening end of October 2012 in Budapest. A refurbished old palace combining fascinating architecture with lively worldmusic and jazz.

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  • phone: +36 706 210 060
  • eMail: email to Muzikum Klub public contact

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participating in

  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2011
  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2009

company description

Muzikum at Kossuth Klub
You can meet us at WOMEX stand 5.80, the stand of X-Production!
Why do I exist?
I am established to develop and promote the cultural relations between Hungary and other cultures by inviting foreign performances and by ensuring posssibilities for Hungarian performances to present themselves abroad. Besides one of our most important activity is to encourage and support young, talented Hungarian performers. My mission is to provide high quality cultural programs. I am located in the old Palace District of Budapest, in the same building as Kossuth Klub Association, which has always had the reputation for delivering outstanding quality in events and education. It is our my goal to let my visitors experience cultural sameness and differences through events and special gatherings.

What's the job of my team?
Their main activities are the following: organizing different cultural events, (concerts, theater performances, dance performances, traditional and modern cultural elements); providing cultural and business gatherings in a central-located environment; gaining experience to establish a European network of clubs and theaters; actuating a Booking Agency and a Management Offic (concert organization, marketing, promotion, administration etc.) As you see, they have enough stuff to do:)My Bistro called Muzikum opens at 8 AM and ready the serve the needs of the visitors till closing time. All year (especially from March to October) a patio is at the service for our public. Until noon we serve coffee and sandwiches, croissants etc., between 11 and 3 PM we prepare a daily menu with special price, but my guests can also have lunch a la carte. From that time forward the Bistro has an important role in the Club’s life, according the special offers (as the menu or different beverages and discounts) to the occasion of each night.

What I'd like to reach...
I’d like to present many special and unique programs and productions. And I’d like to create a warm, familiar, friendly atmosphere. And that we pay a bit of attention to the protection of our environment - I try my best to protect it! :) My furnitures are recycled, my bulbs are all economic and my bycicle lockers are open to everyone! I'd like that anyone could find here fun. By having breakfast, lunch, or just a coffee while surfing on the net, or enjoying a jazz/rock/soul concert, or by dancing, chatting, doing anything you wish. Just feel comfortable as you wish,and as you like it!
Have fun!


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