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MUZU is an interactive TV network created by the people behind the music.

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MUZU is an interactive TV network created by the people behind the music.

Hundreds of artists, bands, labels, DJs, festivals etc. are actively creating their TV networks today to represent themselves in a uniquely visual way.

MUZU is the online business platform for the music industry. It protects the rights holders and generates income via a 50/50 net ad revenue share partnership. MUZU also offers multi-platform distribution for content.

You control your own TV network which can have as many channels as you wish, like Music videos, Live music, In studio, On the road, Video blogs etc. Plus you have a full website behind your TV network, including Profile, Photos, Play lists , Tour dates, Listings and Message board.

Fans can create a personalised TV network to watch and share music on a whole new level. They can make play lists, mash ups and get featured on their favourite network through FAN TV. What's more, they can view regional charts, music resources and get recommendations of new music.

This exclusive music destination offers exceptional global promotional opportunities. You can create a TV network in minutes and guess what, it's FREE!

We are currently selecting labels and artists to be part of our exclusive alpha programme. Register on www.MUZU.TV or email to talk to one of the MUZU content team.

Live for the music and start your TV network today!



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