Baba Zula

Line up

  • Levent Akman  (bendir, def, cymbales, gong)
  • Murat Ertel  (saz,guitare, teremin)
  • Özgür Çakırlar (Percussions)
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    • World
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    not signed
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Described as Turkey's most beloved alternative music purveyors Baba Zula create a unique psychedelic sound, combining Traditional Turkish instruments, electronica, reggae and dub.
The core of their sound is the saz, a Turkish bouzouki like stringed instrument with a bright, high-pitched sound.

In 2005 Baba Zula was exposed to a wider international audience when they were featured in a documentary, Crossing the Bridge by Fatih Akin, which took an in-depth look at Istanbul's contemporary and avant-garde music scene.


Baba Zula


Baba ZulaBaba Zula


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Baba Zula

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