Duo B.A.V.I.


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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Bahia
  • style(s):Brazilian
  • label:not signed
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male
  • artist submitted by:Nikita Music

Line up

  • Anderson Petti (Berimbau and vocals)
  • João Almy (Acustic Guitar)


DUO B.A.V.I. (Berimbau Aparelhado Violão Inventável) proposes the union of Northeastern music from Brazil with urban styles. Duo B.A.V.I is Anderson Petti and João Almy, both graduated at Federal University of Bahia. They propose a production of songs, textures, ambiences and melodies, such as “Arrochina” and “Na Cordadeira”, original songs that explore the influences of the urban music of Salvador. They explore sound tools that are common ground between the berimbau and the guitar including electronic device to expand the melodic possibilities, modulate frequencies, create overdubs and apply effects, making them able to produce variations of notes and timbres. Thus, berimbau and concert guitar present the versatility of melodic and harmonic instruments, as with the expanded techniques (“uncommon” sonorities on the guitar) and the use of an arc of violin on the berimbau. Since 2016, the duo has already taken part in events such as: SSA Mapping, Intercenas Musicais with Lucas Santtana, Celebration of 37 years of Editora Corrupio and Caymmi Music Festival 2017, running for the best show award. The Single “Na Cordadeira” integrates the Bahia’s Musical Map and is now part of the scheduling of Educadora FM Radio (107,5). At this moment, the duo is on the process of recording their first EP.