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Rúa Salvadas 22, Baixo
15705 Santiago De Compostela

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  • phone: +34 669661781
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  • WOMEX 2014
  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2007

company description

aCentral Folque is a center that researches, teaches, produces and promotes popular music: Galician music and music from other musicians living in Galicia. For them, popular music it is roots music, folk, pop, jazz...

Artists who are currently promoting:

MUSICAL MINIATURES OF GRANELL: this is a kind of project that aCentral Folque's team loves. Research + PRODUCTION (Book-CD + Band) + concerts. It is their flagship project for 2013: a free-jazz band led by the Cuban pianist Alejandro Vargas (Cubadisco jazz award) in which they recreate melodies composed by the Galician artist Eugenio Granell. Granell is a landmark of the twentieth century surrealist painting. But Granell was also a musician. In his Foundation, Ramon Pinheiro (director and researcher of aCentral Folque) found more than 200 unreleased music notations. From these annotations are born Granell Musical Miniatures jazz quartet, that plays it masterfully.



The website of the Central Folque is also a magazine of musical events in Galicia.
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