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Miniatures of Granell
Miniatures of Granell. CD
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Special Prix of latest Cuba Disco Awards.
Miniatures of Granell is a band consisting of cuban composer Alejandro Vargas (piano), LAR Legido (drums), José Manuel Diaz (bass) and Mónica de Nut (voice), with the collaboration of hurdy-gurdy (Germán Díaz), bagpipes and viola. A proposal that goes from Granell’s scores to the jazz and improvisations. Originality, virtuosity and sincerity are their main features.
Alejandro Vargas is going be playing in Compostela CGAC on sunday 20:00pm (free entry). Germán Díaz and LAR Legico also plays at Womex 2014 Atlantic Connections and Womex Focus.

article submitted by:Olga Nogueira, Noente Paradise SL