Nomade Orquestra

Nomade Orquestra
Nomade Orquestra


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Line up

  • André Calixto (Sax and Flutes)
  • Beto Malfatti (Sax, Flute and Pick-ups)
  • Bio Bonato (Sax and Flute)
  • Fabio Prior (Percussions)
  • Guilherme Nakata (Drum)
  • Luiz Galvao (Guitar)
  • Marco Stoppa (Trumpet and Shofar)
  • Marcos Mauricio (Keyboards)
  • Ruy Rascassi (Bass)
  • Victor Fão (Trombone)


Everything around us, it wants us to dance, fill people with music. Ten restless minds with only one purpose, music!
Nomade Orquestra it's the point where different musical expressions and strands meet and interact in an unique way.
With improvisations, timbres, sonorous collages and textures, the group develops a one and only work that transits with expertise between the universes of Funk, Jazz, Dub, Rock, AfroBeat, Hip-Hop, Ethiogrooves and Soul.
They belong to the world and that's hor their music is, Universal.
The show is complete with visual projections, individually thought for each music. An audiovisual spectacle, loaded with personality, that brings a unforgettable catharsis.
It's impossible to deny this voyage.