Noreum Machi
  • country:South Korea
  • style(s):World
  • label:Now Pan
  • type:Large Ensemble
  • artist submitted by:Noreum Machi

Line up

  • Howon Lee (kkaenggwari, janggo, vocals)
  • Hyun Ju Oh (janggu, kkwaenggwari, jing, taepyongso, vocals)
  • Ju Hong Kim (artistic director, kkwaenggwari, janggu, vocals)
  • Taeho Kim (buk, vocals)
  • Youngjun Kim (taepyongso, vocals, piri)


With spectacular displays of virtuosic drumming, elaborately costumed dancing, breath-taking flurries of wailing oboes, ensemble vocal play and joyous gong-bashing, Noreum Machi bring a galvanizing energy to the art of Samul-Nori, a modern staged adaptation of a celebratory rural ritual with origins in shamanism and animism, performed by itinerant minstrels, that was recreated in the 70s by the group of the same name, using traditional instruments such as janggu, jing, buk and kkaaenggwari. Noreum Machi was formed in 1993 by master musician Ju Hong Kim after graduating from the Korean Traditional University, where he had studied under one of the original members of Samul-Nori. Dedicated to continuing their work, he has established Noreum Machi as the most widely recognized Korean traditional music ensemble at home, as well as performing internationally in more than 30 countries.