photo: Oddleiv Apneseth
  • country:Norway
  • style(s):Instrumental, Traditional
  • label:Majorstuen Fiddlers Company
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist submitted by:Norwegian Traditional Music Agency

Line up

  • Andreas Ljones (fiddle)
  • Gjermund Larsen (fiddle)
  • Jorun Marie Kvernberg (fiddle)
  • Synnøve Bjørset (fiddle)
  • Tove Dalbakk (fiddle and cello)


Majorstuen is a young fiddlers band scraping up a storm with new Norweigan roots sounds. The Majorstuen fiddlers have refined their widely different musical dialects to a single, personal and playful common language.

All play the fiddle, occasionally trading off on cello or viola. No other instruments. No electronic gizmos. All sounds are acoustic. Majorstuen has set its own limitations. But the creative force is powerfull, and the feeling of freedom that comes pouring out of the music is more powerfull still.

Majorstuen has realeased three albums, and was awarded the Norwegian Grammy 2003 for their debut album. In 2005 they were appointed "Folk Musicians of the Year" by the Norwegian Concert Institute.

Majorstuen has since 2001 been touring in Norway, Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Israel and Canada, including performances at Frde International Folk Music Festival, Bergen International Festival, Festival d'Ile de France, Celtic Colours and TFF.Rudolstadt.

"This young and creatice collectice succeeds in utilising the totality of artistic ingredients within the Norwegian musical heritage, thus producing breathtaking new perspectives"
Music Information Centre, Norway.