• country:Western Sahara
  • region:North Africa
  • label:Nubenegra
  • artist submitted by:Nubenegra S. L.


Mariem Hassan is regarded as the most representative voice of the music of Western Sahara.

With two electric guitars and two tebales, drums played by women, Mariem has been able to synthesize the spirit of the haul and, without losing any freshness, to drive her music into the 21st century.

Her concerts are powerful. The public can discover a solid and decided artist singing about her wishes and the needs of her people. Mariem sings in hassania, the language of that corner in the desert which is her homeland. Her intense voice leads us through mysterious paths on which struggle and tragedy shake hands with tenderness and intimate feelings.

Dances performed by the percussionists, enrich a repertory based on traditional and spiritual songs as well as modern ones. The group has been able to develop a sound where there is space for blues, reggae and echoes of other current music.