In september 2005, after two seasons of enormous battling in countless of scenes, Mariem has launched, after three recordings with other saharaui artists, her very personal solo album under the musical direction and guitar of deceased Baba Salama, with her brother Boika on guitar too and the push of the percussionist Leila. Three of the best musicians coming out of the refugee camps of Tinduf.

The mutual understanding of the quartet can be appreciated in La tumchu anni, an impressive blues with taste of sand and sun and whose title don’t desert me remembers that the situation of her occupied country is still unsettled. In Magat milkitna dulaa the two electric guitars let Mariem and her voice fly with unique energies into the four directions of the wind. And finally we can listen to the electric version of the Intifada, her best known song related to a rising in the occupied territories.