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First music studio, record label and virtual platform in Eastern Island with the intention to preserve and promote the local music.

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Nuku Te Mango: RapaNui Music for the world
Ignacio Aguirre-Perocarpi
Musician and Architect, a resident of Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile) since 1996. For six years he was bass and keyboard for the group Matato'a an ethnic-pop band and then for two years with Varua an ethnic-rock band, touring the continental of Chile, Europe and Asia.
In 2002 he created “Nuku Te Mango”, the first music recording studio, record label and virtual platform on Easter Island, with the intention to preserve the rapanui's style of music. His talent and creativity provided new contemporary fusion sounds in harmony with the ancestral form of rapanui music. He has produced more than 25 albums for bands and vocalists of the Island. In addition, Ignacio as a Cultural Abassador, has achieved the touring of many of islands’ bands to countries such as China, Vietnam, Korea, Russia and Polynesia.


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