Tita Nzebi

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  • WOMEX 2016

Tita Nzebi was born Huguette Leckat in Mbigou (South Gabon) where she spent her chilhood and studied in a catholic primary school. In her village, she discovered the traditional music of her people: the Nzebis. Tita was the eighth child of a nine children family. Two sisters and one brother are former students of the Libreville public administration School (Ena) and two of them were once the firsts of their year. In 1995, aged 21, she was a student at Libreville High school upper sixth form and she chose music as an optional subject. She was then amazed to find out that she would have to work a lot if she really wanted to study music and singing ...whereas she had hoped she would only have to sing, and nothing more. After she had passed her A level final exam, she started studying law but she also learnt music with Sam Mapindi Tsoumbou, the Ngumi group art director and composer, who happens to be the precursory inventor of the I'NGWALA dance. In 1999, Ngumi brought out an album in Libreville but Tita was then taking off to Paris where she went on studying in college until 2005. In 2007, she decided to produce a short album herself called "M'biss Miti" directed by a congolese guitarist called Sec Bidens and containing 5 songs. Since 2006, Tita Nzebi has been giving concerts in Paris cafes and bars. Her musicians call these concerts rice bowls because a bowl of rice was the only reward they ever got for it. Together with Serge (serial P.) and Elias they meet the audiences and the media: Africa n°1, Nova, RFI, TV5 Monde, France Ô, Telesud). Tita also sells her albums successfully, something that comes quite unexpected to her. She can now think of a new project.

The second album "Metiani" (I mean that) is a serenity album. 14 songs were recorded in both Paris and Libreville, 4 of them (number 3, 7, 9 and 14) come from "M'biss miti". Tita has now become more and more aware at last that she is a genuine artist and she dedicates herself entirely to her trade. Her success is certainly due to her strenuous work. She first played in small cafes and bars as one did in old New Orleans or Paris in the twenties. There she met more and more interesting people and she learnt to control increasingly larger audiences. Her meeting exceptional musicians like Sec Bidens, Paco Séry, Luciano, Faya Horns, Bost l Bim and the Libreville Gabonese Choir singers gives her music a delightful coloration. Thanks to them, she managed to re-create her South Gabonese village of Mbigou in Paris.
With her second album, “Metiani”, she confirms her talent as an author and a composer.

Tita Nzebi

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