Elias Barboza

Elias Barboza


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  • country:Brazil
  • style(s):Choro
  • label:Odaras Records - Odaras Productions
  • type:Quintet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Odaras Productions

Line up

  • Elias Barbosa (Cavaquinho, Bandolin, Guitare Teneur )
  • Fabio Azevedo  (Cavaquinho - Bandolin)
  • Fernando Sessé  (Percussion, Clavier)
  • João Vicente (Guitar Sept Cordes)
  • Matheus Kleber  (Accordéon, Piano)


Elias Barboza is a celebrated mandolinist, composer and arranger from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He is one of the most recognizable names of the contemporary Brazilian choro scene as well as the Brazilian instrumental music in general.
His new album, Luminoso (Luminous), with Elias Barboza Quintet, presents a meticulous today’s view on the music and it is full of compositions showing Brazil to the world with rhythms like choro, samba, afrosamba, baião, polka, frevo and lundu. The musics are performed as if they were vocal, in a fashion which allows the audience to come back home singing the melodies. It is plenty of instruments with great musicians as part of the group, including: Elias Barboza playing mandolin, tenor guitar, composing and arranging, João Vicente playing a seven-string guitar, Matheus Kleber playing accordion and piano, Fábio Azevedo playing cavaquinho, and Fernando Sessé as the percussionist and sampler operator. This rich Quintet is scheduled to release in 2018 its already recorded brand new album with fourteen songs.
Elias Barboza is a teacher and arranger at the Santander’s Choro Workshop (located in a 1920’s historical building sponsored by the Santander Bank) and also maestro, arranger and co-founder of the recently opened Porto Alegre Choro Orchestra. He has been soloist of the famous Suíte Retratos (work of Radamés Gnattali representing the pillars of the Brazilian music in four movements), Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA) Chamber Orchestra, Brazilian Jesuit University (Unisinos Anchieta) Orchestra, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) Philharmonic Orchestra, and of the prestigious Programa Prelúdio, a TV show for young talented instrumentalists broadcasted nation-wide. Moreover, Elias Barboza has been a soloist in the Vivaldi Concerto in G Major performed by ULBRA’s Orchestra, a mandolinist in the Symphony No. 7 of Gustav Mahler for Porto Alegre Symphonic Orchestra (OSPA), and the musician to premier the Suíte Concertante of the gaucho composer Dimitri Cervo, work dedicated to the mandolinist, with PUCRS Orchestra.
As composer, despite still young, his work is already extensive. His first album, Puro Sentimento (Pure Feeling), presents sixteen compositions and has been nominated to the Prêmio Açorianos de Música (Azores Prize of Music), the most important of its kind in the Rio Grande do Sul state. His choro Luminous has been awarded during the 28th Moenda da Canção, a renowned Rio Grande do Sul festival. His work has been recognized in Rio de Janeiro where, in 2017, two radios (Batuta and Mec) introduced the main names of the new generation of choro composers in the House of Choro program, hosted by maestro Paulo Aragão. In 2016 Elias Barboza played as guest of House of Choro in Rio de Janeiro and was very praised by the maestro Luciana Rabello.
He has collaborated with the great guitar player and composer Yamandu Costa, as special guest, who has presented him as follows: “he is composing beautifully, playing with wonderful feeling, great musician, I will call to play together for first time on stage, Elias Barboza”.