Gabriel Moura

Gabriel Moura
Gabriel Moura


Odaras Prod
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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Rio de Janeiro
  • style(s):World
  • label:Biscoito Fino
  • type:Quintet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, pop group, piano, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Odaras Productions

Line up

  • Afonso Velasquez  (Guitar Bass )
  • Gabriel Moura (Voice & Guitar)
  • Maurício Piassarollo ( Keyboards)
  • Rico Farias (Guitar)
  • Thiago Silva  (Drums)


Carioca, from Lins city, Brazil, nephew of the great Maestro Paulo Moura, Gabriel is also writing his own story, continuing the musical tradition of the family. It is now one of the most respected composers of the new generation of MPB with a dozen hits national success.

Besides singer SEU JORGE who has recorded more than 30 songs of his own, his songs are recorded also by GILBERTO GIL, MILTON NASCIMENTO, Ivete Sangalo, ALCEU VALENCIA, ELZA SOARES, ANA CAROLINA, PAULA LIMA, DUDU NOBLE and ZECA PAGODINHO.

Launches in May 2013 his new solo work, the CD "KARAOKE TUPI 2" by Som Livre label.

In 2011, the label released the CD SESC SP "Society of Friends Gafieira" as lead singer of "SAGA ORCHESTRA," a big-band dances / shows with 15 musicians from São Paulo and repertoire that combines dance genre classics and unreleased compositions copyright Gabriel.

Also in 2011 he composed 09 new songs for the cd "SEU JORGE - SONGS FOR BBQ VOL 1" including the mega hits "Friend of My Wife" and "Who Do not Want Me."

The CD was awarded the following year LATIN GRAMMY in the category BEST ALBUM OF CONTEMPORARY POP MUSIC.

Gabriel's winner of AWARD OF BRAZILIAN MUSIC category Best Group in 2010, with the project "4 HEAD" Along with three singers / composers of the current scene in Rio, Baia, Rogê and Luis Carlinhos.

In 2009, launched in Brazil and Japan, his first solo album "Brazils" by SOUND FREE, produced in partnership with his uncle, Maestro Paulo Moura

Also produced in the same year 2009 two tracks on the CD "AFRICANATIVIDADE" the singer SANDRA DE SA, one of the music work "Half Foot".

The album was nominated for a 2010 Grammy in the category BEST LATIN POP ALBUM CONTEMPORARY BRAZILIAN.

Artistic director and producer of "AMERICA BRAZIL HARD 'singer SEU JORGE in 2007, Gabriel wrote in partnership with him 9 songs especially for the CD including the mega hits Burguesinha and MINE OF CONDOMINIUM.
The album won the LATIN GRAMMY in the category BEST BRAZILIAN POPULAR MUSIC ALBUM OF 2008.

Gabriel also won the Orilaxé AWARD 2005 in the category BEST SINGER granted by Grupo Cultural Afro Reggae.

In 2004 the court HOSE CETE with the group and the community, set up his second Folk Opera, with new songs and musical direction. This time "Electra" of Sophocles.
The work culminated with the presentation at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, with the whole community of the hose on the stage and in the audience.

Received 02 nominations SHELL AWARD RJ Theatre, winning one in 2002, with songs and musical direction of the play "Nights Vidigal" in front of the theater group "Nós do Morro".

In 2000 he composed the Folk Opera "THE INCREDIBLE ENCOUNTER" which also starred protagonist acted with CETE Group (Center Experimental Theatre School), a new lineup of former TUERJ. Mounted in Progress in Lapa. The opera told the true story of the formation of the Brazilian people. The work lasted a year with a cast of 120 people.
In 1997, Gabriel Moura and Seu Jorge created together the band Farofa CARIOCA singing, composing and arranging for the CD "I LIVE IN BRAZIL" (Polygram). The songs "Doidinha", "Bebel", "The Law of Bala", "Timbo" and "Indian" the CD Farofa Carioca became famous in the voice of Gabriel Moura.
The crumbly CARIOCA performed on FREE JAZZ FESTlVAL 1998 and was nominated for the category Revelation Multishow Award in the same year.
Sum 40 theatrical professionals under his musical direction.
In the 90s it was the Musical Director TUERJ, a group of professionals hired by the rector of UERJ (State University of Rio de Janeiro) to teach and ride theatrical shows for 4 years. In group Antônio Pedro, Hamir Haddad, Anselmo and Ricardo Vasconcelos Petraglia.