Dan Segura

segura management

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  • Odradek Records


2002-2009. Artistes Management, SL. Director of baroque Music and Cross-Over based in Spain

2006-2010. IMG Artists. Exclusive consultant of the Orchestral Tours and Special events in Spain & Portugal

2010-2013. UniversalMusic Classical Management & Productions Ltd. Exclusive consultant for Spain

2010-today. Segura Management. Director. www.seguramanagement.com (not updated)

2013- today. Armstrong Arts Music & Arts, Beijing, China. European Consultant & Exclusive Consultante for Spain & Portugal. http://www.armstrongmusic.co

2014-today. Arts Entertainment Productions, London, UK. Exclusive Representative for Spain & Portugal. www.aeplive.co.uk

2013-today. BiMusic, Miami, USA . European Consultant.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2003