Maija Kauhanenofficial WOMEX 17 showcase

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  • Maija Kauhanen (vocals, kantele, percussions )
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    Nordic Notes
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With her clear, powerfully expressive voice, fleet-fingered kantele playing and inventive percussion accompaniment, one-woman-band Maija Kauhanen builds up atmospheric live soundscapes full of ethereal beauty, compelling organic beats and passages of soulful intensity. She specialises in Finnish Saarijärvi kantele, using the old and rare technique of playing with a small wooden stick, and her compositions are inspired by the rural music traditions of Finland and Karelia. The themes of her songs are contemporary, though: stories of challenging relationships, domestic violence and child-brides are unflinchingly portrayed, but there is also joy, hope and the mystery of young love to be celebrated. Over the past few years, Maija has performed in China, Japan, Scandinavia and across Europe. Her first album, Raivopyörä/The Whirl of Rage, was released this year to fulsome accolades from the mainstream Finnish press.

Maija played a Official Showcase with the band Okra Playground at WOMEX16.

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+358 40 743 8293



  • Maija Kauhanen

    type:WOMEX 17 Showcase

Maija Kauhanen



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Kehtolaulu / Lullaby

Maija Kauhanen solo LIVE 2017. Everything played live, no loops.

Pinnalla / Floating

Maija Kauhanen solo LIVE 2017. Everything played live, no loops.

Raivopyörä / The Whirl of Rage

Maija Kauhanen solo LIVE 2015. Everything played live, no loops.

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