Yvonne Kahan

general manager


Administration, management and promoter of international projects
Yvonne Kahan Dalal,born in Norway has been the manager of Najema Music and TV since 1995. She has been the personal manager and producer for the composer and musician Yair Dalal internationally during 8 years. Yvonne produced numerous albums and created international recognition of the artist. The work included marketing, PR, sales and production of concerts and concert tours and cooperation with other international artists. She built a broad network internationally with festivals, record companies, venues, agents, media and diplomats. Yvonne achieved numerous licensing contracts and
coproductions with foreign art companies or artists, including numerous peace concerts and events in Israel and abroad ,cooperating with Palestinian musicians.
As a manager for Najema Music & TV she booked artists such as:
Yair Dalal, Hamsa El Din, Ken Zuckerman, L.Shenkar, Saed Saweiti, El Barahem, Eyal Sela, Esti Kenan Ofri, Azazme, Bente Kahan ,Michel Bismut trio and more.

In 2005 she started OLAMALE, international booking agency for world music and performing arts www.olamale.com
Artists _ Victoria Hanna, Boris Malkovsky, Maurice el Medioni, Shlomo Gronich, The Alaev family, Sameer Makhoul and Rali Margalit

Producer of Audio Cds for musician Yair Dalal:

1995 - ALOL, including live recording from the Peace concert in Oslo with Oslo Philharmonic orchestra .World distribution by ALSUR(France) 1997 - Magda SILAN ,recorded at Rainbow Studios in Oslo. Distributed by Amiata and Magda
1998 - AZAZME live recording in desert tent location with Bedouin musicians.Coproduction with Magda. World distribution
1998 SILAN Magda- Amiata
2000 - THE PERFUME ROAD .MagdaWorld distribution
2001 - SHACHARUT –live in the desert . Recorded live at Shacharut. Magda World distribution.
2002 - ASMAR – Magda. World distribution.

Norwegian, Hebrew, English, French

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