JAM sessions at JAZZHOUSE! FREE adm. for Womexicans!

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JAM sessions at COPENHAGEN JAZZHOUSE- FREE adm. for Womexicans!
Don´t forget to come to the Jam sessions on the 28th & 29th of October after midnight.

Copenhagen has a long tradition of bringing wonderfull musicians together from all over the world. The city holds the largest music festival of Europe, Copenhagen Jazzfestival and the near by Roskilde Festival. In the festival periods, the city is full of music entusiastic people and musicians, that jam in the small bars and cafées after their formal concerts. Name any from Miles Davis to James Brown to Herbie Hancock and Manu Chao, all have had a great time meeting local musicians in this city.

The city also has the Rythmic Music Conservatory, where new talents are grown every year, with more than 150 yearly students.

It is with pride and aknowledgement of the importance of an open platform for musical exchange, that Copenhagen Jazzhouse gives its wonderful stage to the music for the sake of the music. Great musicians from Mozambique will be there with all instruments, and we will take care of that the music will have a high level. They will already lead a Mozambican workshop teaching at The Rythmic Music Conservatory early October, and hence be having a great local network.

Also wonderful musicians from Brazil will participate, there will be 3 Brazilian concerts on the 28th of October.

And then we are wishing for people from all over Womex to join on stage and create some magic!

So what ever instrument or style you play, you are welcome to mingle in and give your spices on stage. The meaning is to experiment New World Music!

Please write to mail@carolinavallejo.dk to be on the stage list.

article submitted by:Carolina Vallejo, One World