""Hawel" (try)" - Fatma Zidan

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    Fatma Zidan
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    Fatma Zidan
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    Middle East
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    • Arabic
    • Pop
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    • CD (Compact Disc)
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    Zidan/Orient Records
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Fatma Zidan
”Hawel” (try)

This CD release is a unique mix of lovesongs about experiences from relationships to patriotism.
After moving to Denmark – still being an Egyptian –
Fatma Zidan here proves that we now live in a global community where borders between west and east – south and north are getting more and more invisible.
This CD is dedicated to love between all mankind – whether you are from a village in upper Egypt or from a subverb of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Lineup for european tour is still in progress.
It will contain a 5 piece liveband with musicians from among others ”Oriental Mood” :
Bilal Irshed : Oud – Lars Bo Kujahn : tabla,qanun

Lineup : Oud,tabla,bass,drums,accordion.

Zidan Records/Oriental Prod.
By/Lars Bo Kujahn
Hans Tavsensgade 17-4tv
2200 N


Fatma Zidan


"Hawel" - Fatma Zidan

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Fatma Zidan

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