Danish Winner of World Track 2008 !

Danish World Award Winner 2008
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Danish World Award Winner

”World Track 2008”

“Yoma” by Fatma Zidan/Oriental Mood

As a direct result of hard and optimistic work with the release of ”Muktalef” (2007-8)– and the cooperation With the Egyptian singer Fatma Zidan – they succeeded to win last year
Danish Music Award for best ”World Track 2008” with the song “Yoma”, performed by egyptian singer Fatma Zidan.
“World Track 2008” was given by World Music Denmark and the magazine “Cultures” (former “Djembe”). As an extension of this event –

Oriental Mood and Fatma Zidan present their award at the 2009 summerfestivals and autumngigs 2009/spring 2010.

At the same time Fatma Zidan works on her new solo CD – which will be released in spring 2010.

Oriental Mood is now entering a new phase of its life.
Since 1992 it has been music with roots in Arabian/turkish music - now they found their own way.
A spiritually inspiration with the purpose of creating a bridge between the western and eastern cultures -
to be able to present the best from the Arabian maqam and the most funky western beat.

article submitted by:Lars Bo Kujahn, Oriental Mood Production