Fatma Zidan "Golden age of Arabian Divas"

Fatma Zidan


Fatma Zidan sings Faiza Ahmed
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"Golden Age of Arabian Divas"
- Arabic music pearls -
Fatma Zidan

Contrary to most of today's hearing, coming from the Middle East, it is time to show the other - and much more positive side, such as The Middle East song treats represent. In all the songs that "Golden Age of Arabian Divas" contains, the theme is love, love and love.
All aspects; both the long-suffering and passionate, as well as the cold and measured.
It will be a presentation of the best music sung and written in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Algeria from the middle of the last century by, among others, Oum Khaltoum, Fayruz, Warda, Layla Murat, Sabah, Faiza Ahmet and others.
A high professional level with some of the best Egyptian musicians with Fatma Zidan, living in Denmark, as soloist - composed of musicians from Denmark, all of whom have embraced the emotional expressions and technical challenges of Arab music.
Fatma Zidan and band have previously performed with great success with music from the Arab countries. In 2013 and 2016, they performed with the Golden Age of Egyptian Music/Arabian Divas, where both the reviewers and the audience were more than generally excited:

• * * * * "Amazing concert, as you could wish for, that more could be allowed to experience " GAFFA

Through the music we can better understand - and feel the background for one of the largest newer cultures in the West; the Middle East. A chance for the European audience to get a rare experience from the Arabic music culture - at its best.
lineup: Fatma Zidan; Vocal Mustapha Abdl Nabi Viola / Violin; Is one of Cairo's leading violinists and organizers of Arabic music for some of the biggest stars in the Middle East Taha El Sayed; cello professor I cello Hany Sawaf: Req (Arab tambourin) Ehab Nabil: Sound Technology Lars Bo Kujahn; tabla, req, qanun. Bilal Irshed; Oud Martin Krogh; Bass
Adam Ørvad: Accordion
The project is supported by the
DanishCultural Agency.

article submitted by:Lars Bo Kujahn, Oriental Mood Production