Fatma Zidan



New CD "Hawel"
Zidan/Orient Rec.

Fatma Zidan
”Hawel” (try)

This CD release is a unique mix of lovesongs about experiences from relationships to patriotism.
After moving to Denmark – still being an Egyptian –
Fatma Zidan here proves that we now live in a global community where borders between west and east – south and north are getting more and more invisible.
This CD is dedicated to love between all mankind – whether you are from a village in upper Egypt or from a subverb of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Lineup for european tour is still in progress.
It will contain a 5 piece liveband with musicians from among others ”Oriental Mood” :
Bilal Irshed : Oud – Lars Bo Kujahn : tabla,qanun

Lineup : Oud,tabla,bass,drums,accordion.

An Egyptian star on her way. With her two releases – the classic Aya haeman (Passionate Love) and the pop-production fot the arabian gulf ; Ella Elzaal (Eccept Sadness) Fatma Zidan is now on her way to be one of the most gifted singers of Arabian music.

As 8 years old she started to play the Classical harp at the conservatory untill she became 19. Then FZ continued and finished her education as bachelor at the music university. Beside that she worked 7 years at the choir in Cairo Opera . In the same time FZ worked as a freelance choir singer for different Arabian pop stars:Mohamed abdo - Angam_Abo bak salem-Alli ben mohamed-Zekra -Kadim elsaher.
FZ has been working the last 8-9 years as a part of the well known recording studio in Cairo : AMAR - with sound engineer Ehab Nabil. As a choir singer FZ has recorded app. 2-300 pr. year since 1998. Today she is known as one of the best in her field.

The song of FZ has deep roots in the Egyptian tradition strongly connected to the diva Oum Khaltoum.

The touch of FZ is though influenced by the roots she is a part of herself. FZ is born in Saudi Arabia of her Egyptian parents – and therefore she has a natural easy way to sing and understand the dialects from the Arabian Gulf area. That’s why FZ have had a lot of work in this area from Dubai – to Oman and Yemen.

As a unique experience and with great success FZ in sept. 2006 worked with the Danish Radio entertainment Orchestra and her own Egyptian ensemble – as the final of the great festival “Images of the Middle East 2006”.
FZ produced her own demo-DVD from this concert.
Today she look for new partners to make the same project again with other symphony orchestras.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2011
  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2009