DVD+CD - French sold out April 2007
Abdallah Oumbadougou
Festival d'Ete Quebec - Guizmo, Daniel Jamet, Abdallah OUmbadougou


Desert Rebel liive at Florida (Fr, Agen)
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Line up

  • 1-Abdallah Oumbadougou / Takrist n'Akal (Lead voice / Guitar)
  • 2-Moussa Bilalan Ag Ganta / Takrist n'Ak (Baking voice)
  • 3-Rissa Wanaghli / Takrist n'Akal (Baking voice)
  • 4-Mohamed Bilalan / Takrist n'Akal (Baking voice / Guitar)
  • 5-Daniel Jamet / Ex Mano Negra, Mano Sol (Guitar solo)
  • 6-Nicolas Méheust (Orgue Hammond / Leslie)
  • 7-Sebestien Lebon (Drums)
  • 8-Julien Bonvoisin (Bass)
  • 9-Amazigh Kateb / Gnawa Diffusion (Voice / Gumbri)
  • 9-Guizmo / Tryo (Voice)


LIVE - from 8 musicians to 10
MOVIE - Documentary 96 min, or 52min / French, english
SOUND SYSTEM - 1 DJ (Junior Cony) + 1 VJ (Francois Bergeron)

Abdallah Oumbadougou was born in the Air desert in 1961: Niger's independence date. He was a figurehead artist of the Tuareg rebellion of the 1990s. Singer and fighter, armed with a guitar and a Kalashnikov, Abdallah lived at the heart of the events of that time. Our days, he says " Music played a key role in the mobilization of young people for the resistance struggles, I think that music can again be a key element in mobilizing people and mobilizing energies, this time not for war but for development."
Desert Rebel is the first in his series of documentaries on the cultures of resistance across the world. Born in 2005, the concept was the brainchild of French director Francois Bergeron. " We set off for Niger with a small team of artists to meet the Tuareg of the Air region. After 15 days spent there, we had not totally grasped the dimensions of the history recounted to us. When artists meet, history can be powerfully recounted, freed of political stereotypes and national amnesias." The Desert Rebel collective is the result of the encounter of Niger Tuareg Abdallah ag Oumbadougou with former Mano Negra guitarist Daniel Jamet, Guizmo of the Tryo band and Amazigh Kateb, leader of Gnawa Diffusion. Parallel to their musical activities, the Desert Rebels hope to stimulate debate around fair trade. In 2006 they released a first eponymous CD, in 2007 they made up for a disappointing DVD documentary that does little to reflect the tragic history of this forgotten people: Ishumar, les Rockers Oublies du Desert. Six percent of the products' profits will go to the Takrist'N'Tada association that is devoted to development of music schools in Niger.