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  • country:Sweden
  • style(s):Folk
  • label:Kakafon Records
  • type:Band
  • artist submitted by:Orion Productions

Line up

  • Arvid Kästel (piano)
  • Carl-Johan Groth (drums)
  • Erika Risinger (violin)
  • Sofia Bergström (vocals)


WOMEX 13 Official Showcase Selection

As fresh and crisp as snow settling on pine trees and as hot as a well-stoked sauna, simple and complex, calm and energy-laden, the music of Navarra draws on many moods and inspirations. It's rooted in traditional Nordic music but their original compositions embrace contemporary influences to provide thrilling platforms for joyous interplay between Arvid Kaestel on piano and fiddler Erika Risinger, driven along by the funkily precise drumming of Carl-Johan Groth, with the engaging personality, spirited dancing and sparkling singing of Sofia Bergstroem in the centre. Since their successful debut at the Midvinterton Festival in 2010 and the release of their first album, Nya Foenster, in 2011, Navarra have been busy building their reputation as one of the most exciting live acts on the Swedish folk scene today.