Orquesta Metafisica

Orquesta Metafisica is an Argentinian musical ensemble which performs original music with a cinematographic sound.

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Orquesta Metafisica was founded in 2009 in Buenos Aires by the Argentinian composer Sebastian Volco. It performs original compositions with cinematographic sound which incorporate elements of progressive rock, jazz, tango and Argentinian folklore, academic music and electronics.

Originally a sextet, Orquesta Metafisica became a cult band on the underground music scene of Buenos Aires and received excellent acclaim from major Argentinian music press for its first album "7 Movimientos", self-released in 2011.

The band continued working in New York and then in Europe, incorporating new musicians and working in formations going up to 12 musicians on stage. It has also experimented on many occasions with cross-disciplinary performances with dancers and acrobats, philosophers, painters, etc.

In late 2014, it presented in Paris the premiere of a multimedia show "Hypnotized, a metaphysical opera", which talks about life of an individual in a big city and manipulation of information.

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