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Ossos do Ofício

Founded by Débora Aquino, Marcelo Alves and Marta Carvalho, The cultural association Ossos do Ofício was created having as a mission of contributing to the political, social and cultural formation in Distrito Federal – Brasília - Brasil and to facilitate the access to the cultural production and public properties and to guarantee the survival of local art workers, through the systematic formation and auto management made by the agents themselves.

During these six years of existence, 76 associates aggregated the Association from the visual, audio, theatre, music, circus and dance fields. The Association has its performance characterized by the idealization and realization of drama works, workshops to multipliers’; articulation between cultural agents and finance resources, support and partnerships and the production of groups, local and national artists. With the head office located at CONIC, an urban centre of the capital, Ossos do Oficio dialogues with the most diverse tendencies’ of the urban art as well as it gets closer to the manifestations generated in traditional communities in the country. Te creativity and dynamic of its works, promotes artistic and cultural generators, with innovative alternatives to the economical, social and autonomous maintenance in the actual market.

Young and contemporary, the association talks about production and profit generation through art. It’s an opportunity to promote not just the local artistic creation, but also the destiny of the art in Distrito Federal – Brasília – Brasil, and its out coming to the world. The projects and groups represented by Ossos do Ofício are 76 associates nowadays, searching for an interconnection between private and public institutions, and an improvement in thel quality of life, the support to form audiences and so on.

It could be verified that art, beyond its relevance as an aesthetic manifestation translator of our multiple cultural identities’, presents itself as one of the most powerful ways of preserving the collective memory and as a social privileged space to readings and interpretations of Brazil and Distrito Federal - Brasilia. On a bumping country, the art goes far beyond the human vibration, revealing our history, culture, wishes and happiness.

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