Abror Zufarov

Abror Zufarov


Traditional uzbek music
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  • country:Uzbekistan
  • region:Central Asia
  • style(s):Folk, Traditional
  • label:not signed
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:OXUS Culture

Line up

  • Abror Zufarov (tanbur, sato, dutor)


Abror Zufarov is one of the highly professional musicians and singers of the Uzbek national and classical music. He was born in Tashkent in the known musicians' family. His grandfather on the part of the father Usmon Zufarov was the honored worker of art in Uzbekistan, the known maker of musical instruments. And father of mother Turg'un Alimatov is the great musician known for unique execution(performance) on tanbur, sato and dutor not only in Uzbekistan, but also in other countries of the world. Abror Zufarov since early years started to be engaged in music. After the finishing high school in 1989 he entered the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan. After graduating studies in 1996 he started to work in Conservatory as the teacher. together with this he carried creative activity. Abror Zufarov frequently goes on tour in many cities of Uzbekistan and other cities of the world. With the solo concerts he has visited on performances Turkey (1997 and 2007), Holland (2004 and 2005), Tajikistan (2006), France (2005, 2008), Taiwan (2008).

His practice and skill allow the musician to work in different directions - modern, national, classical and the direction of the sacred religious. He took part in performance Lison Ut-tayr under Alisher Navoi's play (2006) as the composer and has composed more than 20 songs to this performance. His repertoire will consist of known compositions from Shashmakom, and also from a plenty of the Uzbek classical traditional music and songs. Last time he has strongly taken a great interest in scientific work above an ancient sound number(line) and restoration of the forgotten register in sounding national melodies. For this purpose he has created experimental tool ensemble "Moziy" (Past).