Gulmira Abliz

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A brilliant and creative performer of wide range of music and artistic activity Uygur singer is a significant character in modern uygur culture. The emotionally and harmonically-rich vocal skills of Gulmira is unique among the singers of Uygur music and she has desire to share it with the world.
Born in 1975 in Shinjan, she went on get a bachelor’s degree at Shin Jan Art Institute from 1996 to 2000. She investigated oriental music at Uzbek State Conservatory.
Her voice is calm and simple, influential and temperate, pure, direct and attractive. She has been in several countries such as Korea, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, UAE, and Algeria with colorful shows together Shinjan Uygur performance. Nowadays she is working as a performer in Muqam ensemble in Shin Jan, China. Gulmira's purpose is to share still existing ancient traditions and the glory of its music with the world, bringing it together with the features from diverse styles of traditional uygur music performed on traditional instruments such as tanboor, dutaar, nay, rubab and other musical instruments which are preserved till today and gigged only by traditional singers.
Gulmira is familiar with all twelve maqams and can sings all uygur maqams. She has been awarded with several prizes like: Special performance prize in Shashmakam art festival in Tajikistan in 2011, Good performance award of folk song festival in Uzbekistan in 2006.


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Gulmira Abliz




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Gulmira "Madarihon"

G'ulji traditional song


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Ozhal muqam muqaddima and 1-doston

Panjgah muqami and 3-doston

Kuqa traditional song

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