• country:Uzbekistan
  • region:Central Asia
  • style(s):Maqam, Traditional
  • label:not signed
  • type:Solo
  • gender:female
  • artist submitted by:OXUS Culture


Mohichehra is a distinctive figure of the traditional music of Uzbekistan. Her amazing vocal skills, stage presence and ability to connect with her audience draws you in the very minute she walks into the spotlight.
Her prolific output has created an impressive body of work, interpreting and reworking traditional songs.
Through her songs she has explored different aspects of Uzbek culture, history and mythology while making beautiful and exciting music.
Mohichehra is one of the those rare, empathetic artist who can convey the emotional heart of a song to any audience, regardless of language barriers.
As a student of Conservatory of Uzbekistan, she was part of group Registan. She performed with diffrent groups in countries such as Japan, the USA, China, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania.
She has developed a unique and authentic sound, based on traditional material mainly on maqom ways of Uzbekstan and other eastern countries.
Mohichehra is at the forefront of today's generation of uzbek maqom and traditional singers.
She was awarded with several awards like 1st prize in the "Competition of Maqom performers" in 2005 and was winner of the State Prize named after Zulfiya in 2006.
Through the traditional forms of ghazals in uzbek and persian languages, accompanied in maqom ways, she interprets the inspirational lyrics of classic, sufi poets with her distinctive, adventurous voice, utilising an extraordinary vocal range, moving with ease through octaves and creating long sustains in the upper register.