"Offroad" - Hands On Strings

Hands On Strings
  • artist:Hands On Strings
  • release year:2006
  • style(s):Instrumental
  • country:Germany
  • record submitted by:Ozella Music
  • label:ozella


Virtuoso jazz-guitar soloist Stephan Bormann and acoustic One Man Band Thomas Fellow (one half of Friend'n'Fellow) combine their musical worlds in "HANDS ON STRINGS", and break every possible cliché one could have about guitar duos with a sleight of hand.

With OFFROAD, Stephan Bormann and Thomas Fellow continue their unique musical dialogue. Their playing possesses the intensity of a conversation between two people whose common denominator is a genuine interest in each other, and who can meet on the same level.

"OFFROAD" means moving off the beaten path into unknown terrain. It also means being dependent on each other, having to complement each other - asserting oneself one time, and following the visions of the other the next.

With their music, Stephan Bormann and Thomas Fellow create just the right language to communicate all these thoughts and experiences gathered along the way to each other, and of course to the listener.

At times vivacious, enthusiastic on "Zulu", stirringly powerful on "Feria", full of subtle eroticism on "Midnight Train".

And on the classic "Libertango", Astor Piazolla seems to be travelling right along and taking part excitedly in the conversation, that's how vividly and succintly these two exceptional guitarists present their interpretation.

Hands On Strings – a new definition for guitar