Stephan Bormann Band

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... It's like somebody just opened the window wide, that's how airy the songs sound that this quartet sends flying out of its "small room."
Four exceptional musicians whose virtuosity breathes a unique fullness into Stephan Bormann's compositions. Internationally renowned saxophonist Volker Schlott, whose lyrical playing is virtually predestined for these songs, bass-player Mohi Buschendorf, whose unbelievable flexibility gives the music great intensity and brilliance. Jens Dohle, one of the most talented young German drummers provides the rhythm, basis for all collaborative creativity. And of course Stephan Bormann on the guitar, whose supreme playing, somewhere between Bill Frisell and Pat Methany, effortlessly develops an original sound without denying its intimacy with the music of Brasil, Scandinavia, and America.
Musician and composer Bormann marries what seem to be extreme opposites to create his own original style, the dynamics of which inspire endless space for fantasy in the ear of the listener.



Stephan Bormann Band


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