INSTRMNTS exhibition - play, listen, share!

A space of free experimentation and performance for the visitor.

'the event's most impressive and resonant mix of sound, vision and concept was Instrumentos, an exhibition/performance in the beautiful Paul Hamlyn Hall by Angola-born inventor and musician Victor Gama. Each instrument is a beautiful object; each implies a different audio-visual journey that's both ethnic and high tech.'
The Guardian

Since 1999 PangeiArt has developed an award winning exhibition that is part of a collection of more then thirty unique contemporary musical instruments designed by musician/composer Victor Gama.

Among the many instruments available to the public are the Toha, a type of harp made with 44 strings to be played by two musicians, the Tahra, an instrument with four bows and 8 long metal strings for four players, the Acrux, an instrument with metal discs and a glass soundboard, and many more.
The exhibition is a space of free experimentation and innovation where the
visitors are invited to touch and play the instruments on display. Video projections and other interactives are included in the exhibition space.
Performances, workshops and informal talks in the exhibition space deliver an innovative and dynamic program of activities for the visitors.

article submitted by:Victor Gama, PangeiArt