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“Hevra/ Together” has been released by Sony Music Classical and all through the album her powerful collaboration with famous Spanish producer, songwriter and flamenco guitarist Javier Limon comes with a colorful synthesis of Kurdish folk music and flamenco. Who is the producer of artists like Buika, Yasmin Levy and Mariza and also the winner of 5 Latin Grammy awards. Aynur and Javier transcend the limits of music in the new album “Hevra” to reach a synthesis of east and west. Aynur is both the writer and composer of the songs “Péş Nare”, “Tobedar im” and “Diyarbekir”. Instead of the traditional instruments used in her earlier albums, the sound of the new album bears Limón’s flamenco tunes. Catching the common sound ofKurdish and Flamenco music, the album is the product a great synthesis. The recording was done in Madrid. “Xerîw” is a live recording with Spanish composer and pianist Ariadna Castellanos and “Sîsîlé” was also recorded live with a great musician, Cemil Qoçgirî, and his tembur.